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January 21, 2018

New Features

  • Add ‘period’ parameter to command line sort (e.g. . /top week) (thanks @larsjohnsen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix allowNSFW being ignored on comments pages (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix mediaBrowse not working when hiding posts (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix source buttons not appearing in the inbox (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix tags with “none” color having blue text (thanks @erikdesjardins)

Housekeeping / Other

  • Combine Edge beta releases (thanks @BenMcGarry)

January 14, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fix invalid entries breaking filtering entirely (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix sidebar live preview (thanks @erikdesjardins)

January 11, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fix “refresh all” on dashboard (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix RES-keyNav-activeElement class not being applied (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix tags not appearing for the current user (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix Filterline “powered” icon not working on some platforms (thanks @larsjohnsen)

Housekeeping / Other

  • Position cursor at the end of user tagger text input (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Move gallery filmstrip button further away from navigation buttons (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Settings Console minor cleanup (thanks @mc10)

January 10, 2018

New Features

  • Overhaul Filterline (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Comment filtering (via the Custom Comment Filters option or Filterline) (thanks @larsjohnsen)

  • New Profile Redirect module to redirect to old reddit profiles (thanks @andytuba)
  • New Imgur useGifOverGifv option to prefer .gif files (thanks @munumafia)
  • New Selected Entry addLine option, less intrusive than other selected styles (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • New Backup & Restore googleAccount option to specify the account to use if you’re signed into multiple (thanks @AgrimPrasad)
  • New User Tagger truncateTag option (enabled by default) to truncate long user tags (full content visible on hover) (thanks @niralpokal)
  • New Style Tweaks hideDomainLink option to hide domain links from post taglines (thanks @4thJenkins17)
  • New Temporary Dropdown Links module, to make /top and /controversial dropdowns temporary (thanks @Farow)
  • New Show Images crossposts option to display crosspost metadata above expandos (thanks @andytuba)
  • New User Highlighter highlightSelf option to highlight the current user (thanks @Double-A-92)
  • New faviconNotificationBGColor option (thanks @BenMcGarry)

  • New media host for Google Maps (thanks @thybag)
  • New Google Poly media host (thanks @Ajedi32)
  • Handle attribution_link YouTube URLs (thanks @AlcaDesign)
  • Handle direct links to SVGs (thanks @erikdesjardins)

  • New keyboard shortcut (U / shift-U) for navigating to the author’s profile (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • New keyboard shortcut (ctrl-Z) for selecting the previously-selected comment (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • New keyboard shortcut (E) to edit the currently-selected comment or selfpost (thanks @Antrikshy)
  • New keyboard shortcut (C) to collapse child comments (thanks @decadent)
  • New Go Mode (press G first) shortcuts shift-O and shift-P to navigate to overview legacy or new profiles (thanks @overdodactyl)

  • User Tagger tracks upvotes and downvotes individually (displayed on hover) (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Add no-subreddit-style class to body on pages without subreddit style, for CSS snippets (thanks @nkoxlien)
  • Comment Navigator starts with AMA mode selected in /r/IAmA and /r/casualiama (thanks @Antrikshy)
  • Expando titles will not be displayed if they’re the same as the accompanying post title (thanks @nkoxlien)
  • Add quick filter box to My Subreddits dropdown (thanks @thybag)
  • New “upvoted” Comment Navigator sort type (thanks @tjwhalen16)
  • New button to switch image albums to a flat filmstrip (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • User Tagger tag list displays all users if no users have tags (thanks @pll33)
  • Applying a preset prompts you to reload (thanks @mtblanton)
  • New custom filter for upvoted/downvoted/unvoted (thanks @Giljjj)
  • Expando icons changed to SVGs (sharper on HiDPI displays) (thanks @wojtekmaj)
  • Show start time of YouTube videos (thanks @metcorne)
  • Add YouTube video time overlay to the thumbnail, like v.reddit (thanks @wojtekmaj)
  • Never Ending Reddit will provide a warning if a loaded page is for an incorrect user (thanks @andytuba)
  • Empty comment navigator categories are hidden (thanks @rageandqq)

  • i18n in RES gear menu and some top-level interface items (thanks @wojtekmaj)
  • i18n for backupAndRestore, betteReddit, filteReddit, troubleshooter (thanks @wojtekmaj)
  • i18n for Announcements module (thanks @floriantraber)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handling new Gfycat URL format (thanks @kennethjeremyau)
  • Fix hover popup closing when mouse is inside selected item (thanks @Express50)
  • Fix inaccurate viewport size in certain subreddits (thanks @leviroth)
  • Fix misspelled convertGifstoGfycat option title (thanks @isiah-lloyd)
  • Fix missing margin between hidden usernames and user tags (thanks @okdana)
  • Fix inability to select posts on second NER page with large page sizes in Firefox (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix notifications on new profile pages (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix native reddit expandos continuing to play after hiding the containing post (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix spoiler and NSFW candystriping applying to nested expandos in self posts (thanks @nkoxlien)
  • Fix resources in Wikipedia expandos inadvertently being preloaded (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix No Participation displaying a warning when removing a vote (thanks @mgiuffrida)
  • Fix handling of new replies added (by you) to comments without any replies (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix Comment Preview getting stuck with contents of top-level textarea (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix uncolored user tags turning gray (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix selected color in user tag dialog (thanks @pll33)
  • Fix interaction between new Selected Entry classes and themes causing miscolored elements on select (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix automaticNightMode “denied permission” warning appearing in error conditions (thanks @wojtekmaj)
  • Fix color of new profile page prominent comments in Night Mode (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Avoid crash when dashboard saves invalid widgets (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix quote box colouring on new profile page nightmode (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Fix Settings Console layout when option names are long (thanks @wojtekmaj)
  • Avoid (and maybe fix) a crash when Reddit fills localStorage with garbage (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix some issues caused by options being saved in an incorrect format (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix nightmode styles for crossposts (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Fix nightmode styles for API docs (thanks @BenMcGarry)

Housekeeping / Other

  • Selected Entry cleanup (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Repo cleanup (thanks @mc10)
  • Add search keywords for Orangered updateOtherTabs (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Edge tweaks (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Make keyboard navigation more resilient to errors (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Remove some now-unnecessary Onedrive permissions (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Contributing doc fixes (thanks @mtblanton)
  • Add link to license to readme (thanks @jasonsedwards)
  • Improve positioning of expando icon in comments (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • New tabs are opened in the correct Firefox container (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Clean up internal cache implementation (thanks @mc10)
  • Internal lint run for spaces in option keys (thanks @kraigh)
  • Optimize generation of some comment buttons (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Comment Navigator dialog tweaks and improvements (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • New tab positioning in Firefox is more correct (thanks @bomjacob)
  • IntersectionObserver used for conserveMemory, reducing scroll jank (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Avoid more forced reflows during init (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Improve User Tagger tag alignment (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Expando downloads in incognito tabs are handled as such in Firefox (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Repo maintenance (thanks @mc10, @isiah-lloyd)
  • Avoid another forced reflow (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Clean up scripts (thanks @mc10)

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