July 7, 2014    Release

New features

  • NOTE: we’ve changed the default setting for moving images to use ctrl-arrow keys rather than shift and arrow keys to avoid a common conflict for users (thanks in part to @squarific)
  • Updated the “No Participation” module based on feedback from moderators of various subs (thanks @andytuba)
  • Added an option to turn off the CSS icon in the address bar (allows you to toggle subreddit styles)
  • Added a bit more helpful guidance to users reporting bugs
  • Various code cleanup and triage (thanks @mc10)

Bug fixes

  • Got rid of protectRESElements option that was causing content to disappear for users with zoom on
  • Fixed an issue with conserveMemory option causing page shift when scrolling past large images - if you turned this off, we recommend you re-enable it!
  • Fixes to gfycat module
  • Stop GIFs from resetting to first frame on mouse scroll
  • Fix to giflike (thanks @mtsgrd)
  • Add some more foolproof error checking to avoid problems with bad data in filteReddit
  • Fix “disable animations” causing problems for some users (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix “sort comments temporaily” (thankns @matheod)