April 8, 2020    Release

New Features

  • nightMode: Add option to follow system color scheme (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • showImages new hosts:
    • NaverTV (thanks @Rando)
    • Liquipedia.net (thanks @iMarBot)

Bug Fixes

  • backupAndRestore: Fix broken file restore in some environments (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • backupAndRestore: Use getRedirectURL in Firefox to fix backups in 75 and later (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • logoLink: Fix redirect to /hot/ (thanks @fedemp)
  • nightmode: Fix colors of copyright takedowns and sub creation page (thanks @BenMcGarry)

Housekeeping / Other

  • Update Thing#getCommentLink’s signature to prevent logging unnecessary errors (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • showImages host RedGIF: Change from native implementation to embedded iframe (thanks @redg-dev)