April 3, 2014    Release

New features

  • New “Media Browse Mode” for Keyboard Navigation - if the current expando is open, hitting j or k will close it and open the next one automatically!
  • HTML5 videos (MediaCrush, gfycat, fitbamob) can be clicked+dragged to resize
  • HTML5 videos now have a prettier UI (thanks @MediaCrush, @joey5755 / gfycat)
  • Option to always allow subreddit styles in night mode (thanks @andytuba)
  • Giflike inline image support (thanks @mtsgrd)
  • Imgflip inline image support (thanks @dylanwenzlau)
    • Inline YouTube (in comments too!), Vimeo, Soundbutt, and MemeDad support (thanks @thybag)
  • Improved colored username support (thanks @andytuba)
  • Show view count on YouTube links (off by default) (thanks @markekraus)
  • Change “sort by” in comments just for the current page (thanks @andytuba)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes several bugs in MediaCrush support (thanks @MediaCrush)
  • Don’t run RES on mobile/compact pages (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix instragram support in night mode (thanks @gavin19)
  • Fixes to Reddit over https (thanks @andrewachen)
  • Pause MediaCrush expandos when closed (thanks @MediaCrush)
  • Fix Twitter expandos (thanks @honestbleeps)
  • Fix subreddit bar failing to load for shadowbanned users (thanks @sircmpwn)
  • Improved HTML rendering for showImages (thanks @largenocream)
  • Loads of other, smaller fixes…


  • Of interest to developers - RES has been split into many files for better organization, etc. More workflow improvements are on the way!