March 30, 2014    Release

New features

  • Added “go mode” to avoid accidental navigation to pages (this can be turned off if you don’t care for it) - now, hit “g” than “f”, for example, to go to the front page.

Bug fixes

  • Fix to positioning of source button (thanks @mc10)
  • Fix to width of rank column (thanks @gavin19)
  • Fix for appearance of organic ad spots in night mode
  • Fixed an issue where your own top level comments weren’t counted in the new comment counter
  • Fix to inline imageviewer feature that auto expands images in selfText - albums now work!
  • Various fixes to night mode (thanks @gavin19)
  • Various housekeeping and code cleanup (thanks @mc10)
  • Fix to allowNSFW feature (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix to NSFW CSS if module is disabled (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fixed mediacru.sh support to obey maxWidth/maxHeight settings
  • Fix for account switcher in Chrome incognito
  • Fix for Chrome storing image viewer images in history even in incognito
  • Fix to drag/sort on /r/Dashboard (thanks @sircmpwn)
  • mediacru.sh support updates (thanks @sircmpwn)
  • Fix to clickFocus restricting to a smaller area
  • Fix to night mode on traffic pages (thanks @gavin19)