Handshake worthy

I would like to shake your hand, sir.
yishan - former CEO of Reddit

A necessity for Reddit browsing

I like my scripts small and subtle. While this script has many features, it keeps them all subtle and well-organized. This is probably the best userscript I've ever used. Individual features can be turned off and on, and features are small and blend into the page. But the features are powerful enough (like inline image viewing) that you'll miss them when you don't have them.

I'm all about RES

It lets me reddit faster and harder.

A warning about Never Ending Reddit

It's well worth it for anyone who doesn't have it. But beware - never ending front page. If I trigger the next 25 to load, my brain says "well I guess now you better read them". So I try to creep to the bottom of each page without setting it off.


RES has so many useful features that I don't know how I used Reddit before installing it. I recommend it wholeheartedly

For the hardcore reddit users

Thanks for this awesome script. This script is a must if you spend countless hours on reddit. It has so many functions that I can't get into right now, you have to try it to find out for yourself :) Highly recommended++++

Couldn't live without RES.

When I go on reddit on a different computer that only has basic it sucks balls.

Not using RES?

That's like opting to wipe your ass with your hand, when you have toilet paper.

How Batman browses Reddit

I did not know this existed.
It's like a fog has lifted.
No more tab after tab.
Trying to remember which random picture is related to which thread. I can filter out circlejerk.
Even right now I'm looking at a live preview of this comment.
This is how Batman browses Reddit.