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Reddit Enhancement Suite is a community-driven unofficial browser extension for reddit. The code is freely available on Github and licensed under GPL v3.

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RES is entirely free - as in beer, as in open source, as in everything. If you like our work, a contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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RES Contributors

Steve Sobel (honestbleeps)

Reddit Enhancement Suite is originally the creation of Steve Sobel. It started a series of Greasemonkey scripts made in the "Somebody Make This" subreddit.

Steve has been a full stack software engineer for nearly two decades, and continues to write code in his spare time.

Why this project? Why RES? Because he loves reddit and loves user experience improvement. RES is as much for himself as it is for the hundreds of thousands of users benefitting from it. He personally reads and considers every single suggestion RES users offer on how to make the product better.

On the personal side of things, Steve is a Chicago native that loves the Blackhawks, poker, and live music amongst other hobbies.
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Jewel has taken on a great deal of responsibility with RES, contributing a great deal of new functionality, code cleanup and rewrites, and has greatly improved the underlying architecture. In addition, she provides tech support on /r/Enhancement and /r/RESIssues quite regularly.
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Nicole Larkin

Nicole graciously volunteered her time to create the new RES spaceship logo! Her portfolio is available at larkincreative.ca.

Erik Desjardins (erikdesjardins)

Erik has brought RES into 2016 by rewriting the entire codebase for ES6, as well as continually adding features and fixing bugs.

Kevin Ji (mc10)

Kevin's tireless devotion to code style has resulted in a team-wide conscientiousness about good-looking, maintainable code. He has cleaned up many rough edges floating around the codebase and added automated systems to encourage tidiness, helping RES keep on trucking into an era of modernized, more professional JavaScript projects.

githue (postpics)

Lending a good eye for design to RES, githue has improved the user experience with CSS and JavaScript improvements across many RES widgets.

Ben McGarry (Ben)

Ben keeps RES on the Edge, driving continued compatibility with the Microsoft Edge extension platform.

Gavin McAlister (gavin19)

Gavin also spends a great deal of time supporting users of RES. In addition, he's contributed several improvements to the code via github ranging from bug fixes to CSS enhancements and other improvements.

Scott McClaugherty (gamefreak4321)

Scott has contributed a great deal of code to RES via github - including a rewrite of the Inline Image Viewer module as well as a number of other features and improvements. He even wrote Snuownd, a manual port of Reddit's markdown engine, Sundown

Tim Collins (tico24)

Tim works like crazy providing technical support for users who post to /r/Enhancement. He works tirelessly to try and make sure every question is acknowledged, and spends a great deal of time helping people troubleshoot. He has also occasionally contributed to the code and CSS behind RES.

Carl Saggs (thybag)

Carl has made a variety of contributions to the RES codebase including bug fixing, new features, and an unhealthy amount of mediahosts.

Others not forgotten...

To anyone else who's contributed ideas, code, design or feedback - the RES team and userbase thanks you! If you'd like to be listed here, please send a message to /r/Enhancement or submit a pull request. RES wouldn't be what it is today without the ideas, criticism and help of the reddit community.