Known Issues


For known issues with RES releases, please see the relevant changelog.

Extension conflicts

Some common extensions interfere with RES. To troubleshoot potential conflicts, try turning off all your other extensions.

  • Chrome / Opera: go to chrome://extensions > for each extension, uncheck the checkbox ☑ Enabled

  • Microsoft Edge: Settings > Extensions > for each extension, toggle the enabled option.

  • Firefox: Tools menu > Add-ons > Extensions tab > for each extension, Click “Disable” button

Disable all your other extensions and plugins, but leave RES enabled. If the problem goes away, then it’s a problem with one of your other extensions. (Sometimes other extensions interact with RES in strange ways.) To figure out which one exactly, turn each plugin back on one at a time and reload until something breaks.

Ghostery vs Twitter expandos

If Twitter embeds are showing plain text, Ghostery may be blocking Twitter’s formatting script. To fix this, disable Ghostery’s Twitter Button Filter.

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EmojiInput by

Emoji Input reportedly blocks Account Switcher dropdown showing when clicking the snoo/arrow button and image expandos.

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Firefox stops responding with:

“Warning: Unresponsive script […] Script: resource://gre/modules/commonj…scripts/kwift.FFJETPACK.min.js”

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McAfee Site Advisor

When visiting any reddit page, McAfee Site Advisor throws an error :

Exception… “" nsresult: "0x805e0006 ()" location: "JS frame :: chrome://saff/content/saffplg.js :: oSAPlg.navigate :: line 30" data: no]

This is unrelated to RES.

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Click and dragging an image open a new tab

Typically caused by other extensions interfering with RES. If you encounter this, try turning off other extensions and reloading the page to track down the culprit.

Several common extensions which cause this issue area listed below.

  • 4chan Plus
  • YouTubeMagic Actions
  • AS Magic Viewer

Resizing an RES expando image by clicking and dragging it may open the image link in a new tab. Several users have reported that AS Magic Viewer causes this, and uninstalling that fixes it.

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Reddit Comment Highlights

When using this extension, turn off RES’s New Comment Count

Google Services Dashboard

After resizing an image by clicking and dragging, the image opens in a new tab.

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AdBlock for YouTube

AdBlock for YouTube may break RES’s inline image viewer.

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Chromoji often breaks RES.

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Ghostery, NoScript

Ghostery, Adblock Plus, and other adblock/Javascript blocker scripts often interfere with RES. Add an exception for (“whitelist”) to fix this. (Adblockers automatically update their lists, so don’t rule them out even if you haven’t changed anything recently.)


HoverZoom is usually okay, but it can make RES’s image expandos jiggle around a little.

Try HoverFree or Imagus instead.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger may block Gfycat or other hosts by default.

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Avast Online Security

A recent update of Avast Online Security may break some RES features including NER and the Quick Message Popup. Disabling the “Search engine results” module resolves this.

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Safebrowse may cause the page to refresh on “show images” or manually expanding images.

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