v5.0.0 Known Issues

September 1, 2016    Known Issues

General Issues:
Bug Status Notes
Karma isn’t updating on the userbar Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A
Drag to resize set to image not gallery Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A
Message count not showing next to envelope Investigating Ensure hideUnreadCount is off
Images not expanding on wiki pages Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A
Expandos do not collapse on hide Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A

Google Chrome Known Issues:
Bug Status Notes
RES doesn’t work at all Workaround Please use stable or beta channels, we will not be offically supporting canary.
NER does not work Ensure you are on Chrome 53 We are looking into backporting browser support. Ubuntu LTS users read here.
Permission popups after denying. Fixed, Update to Improvements coming in upcoming patch.

Microsoft Edge Known Issues:
Bug Status Notes
No orangered in tab when user has message. Edge bug, awaiting fix Github Issue #2864
Backup does not properly name the file. Edge bug, awaiting fix Github Issue #2864
Stylesheets not loaded correctly on first load of extension. Edge bug, awaiting fix confirmation N/A
RES does not add URLs to history to change link colour. Edge limitation, awaiting feature implementation N/A