v4.6.0 Known Issues

January 11, 2016    Known Issues

“Back to top” arrow button disappeared in Firefox 45

Fixed for 4.6.1 release.

Night mode loads slowly in Firefox 45


Fixed for 4.6.1 release.

SelectedEntry autoSelectOnScroll selects thing at bottom of page

Fixed for 4.6.1: https://github.com/honestbleeps/Reddit-Enhancement-Suite/issues/2623 The fix will stop scrolling the page to the selected post, plus an option to re-enable that; and options to select the last thing or the first thing or nothing at all.

WORKAROUND: Turn off Selected Entry. (This kills the keynav, though.). –andytuba 11am pacific 2016-01-11

Night mode is colorful

The RES team will post an update next week on how to tweak nightmode, to determine the most important aspects to tweak and prepare instructions on how to easily get an update.

As of 9am 2016-01-11 Pacific, the post titles should be back to white. If you preferred them colorful: add a new row with res-nightMode-coloredLinks to bodyClasses RES settings console > Appearance > Stylesheet Loader > bodyClasses

User karma is slow to load

As of 11am 2016-01-11 Pacific, we’re seeing occasional slowness or failures to show link karma to the right of your username in the top right corner. It looks like the reddit servers are struggling a little, and hope it will resolve itself.

User Info hover still pops up even when disabled

Fixed for next release: https://github.com/honestbleeps/Reddit-Enhancement-Suite/issues/2615

Workaround: disable User Info module entirely

Clicking an image in an album opens the image, not the album

Fixed for 4.6.1. https://github.com/honestbleeps/Reddit-Enhancement-Suite/issues/2605

Moving to next post with keyboard navigation doesn’t

Something is broken with J’ing or automatically moving down to next post on vote. Will investigate and fix soon. –andytuba 8pm pacific 2016-01-11 https://github.com/honestbleeps/Reddit-Enhancement-Suite/issues/2778

Upvoting/downvoting with keyboard doesn’t work in inbox

Fixed for 4.6.1 https://github.com/honestbleeps/Reddit-Enhancement-Suite/issues/2620

Posts get scrolled under subreddit shortcuts header when pinHeader is set to subreddit menu

Happens mostly in Safari. Not yet fixed.

Unnecessary vertical scrollbars on new comments

Will get fixed via CSS hotfix and in next release

White background on selected comments

Please ask the mods to update their CSS from .RES-keyNav-activeElement to .RES-keyNav-activeElement, .RES-keyNav .md-container

If moderators need help, ask in r/csshelp or r/Enhancement.

Can’t see text on selected comments when using night mode

Try updating focusBGColorNight RES settings console > Appearance > Selected Entry > focusBGColorNight

(This may be resolved a different way later.)

Touchscreen laptop, tapping NSFW image expando button with red candy stripes doesn’t work

Turn off highlightNSFWButton RES settings console > Productivity > Inline Image Viewer > highlightNSFWButton


filterReddit: filters for specific subreddits are broken
Subreddit specific filters only work in post listings

i.e. if you’re using the “Only on” or “Everywhere but” options.

Workaround: apply them everywhere.

Fixed for the next version: https://github.com/honestbleeps/Reddit-Enhancement-Suite/issues/2607