v4.5.3 Known Issues

December 19, 2014    Known Issues

All posts are being filtered

Fixed for next release

The filteReddit keywords filter’s unlessKeyword is filtering all posts unless they match that keyword. This affects anyone who set a keyword filter with an unlessKeyword and (unexpectedly) anyone who added a keyword filter before RES v4.5.1 and also filtered a subreddit.

To work around this, use the unlessKeyword undefined batch cleaner (great for lots of old filters) or follow these instructions:

  1. Go to RES settings for keywords RES settings console > Filters > filteReddit > keywords
  2. Delete everything in the unlessKeyword column.
  3. Save your options and reload /r/all.

Sorry about that! -andytuba

Posts don’t hide when I click the “hide” button

Bug in the “fade in/out” code. Fixed for next release. (thanks to /u/erikdesjardins)

Workaround: turn off fixHideLinks RES settings console > UI > betteReddit > fixHideLinks

Pop-ups for subreddit info, user info, and parent keep appearing as I mouse around or scroll

Bug in the “fade in/out” code. Fixed for next release

Poor man’s workaround: turn off the hovers.

hoverInfo RES settings console > Users > User Tagger > hoverInfo ^(Make sure to hit the save button after changing this.)

Show Parent on Hover RES settings console > Comments > Show Parent on Hover

Subreddit Info RES settings console > UI > Subreddit Info

Hitting Enter submits the post/comment

fixed for next release

RES now submits a post or comment when you press Ctrl+Enter or Cmd+Enter. However, sometimes RES doesn’t notice when you release the Ctrl/Cmd keys.

You can work around this by turning off the functionality.

ctrlEnterSubmitsComments RES settings console > Comments > Comment Tools > ctrlEnterSubmitsComments

ctrlEnterSubmitsPosts RES settings console > Comments > Comment Tools > ctrlEnterSubmitsPosts