v4.5.1 Known Issues

September 14, 2014    Known Issues


At first, people were complaining that imgur wasn’t loaded via https. Then people are complaining that imgur is loading via https. Oye.

To meet in the middle, in the next release of RES, imgur links will be https only on https://reddit.com/

Colored circles on posts / colored comment scores disappeared!

It was a bug that those colors appeared in the first place. That has been remedied.

You can enable these again:

Settings > UI > Vote Enhancements (voteEnhancements) colorLinkScore and colorCommentScore

Subreddit shortcut edit dropdown

You can disable it:

Settings > UI > Subreddit Manager (subredditManager) dropdownEditButton Show “edit” and “delete” buttons in dropdown menu on subreddit shortcut bar

Or you can wait for the next release, which adds a delay before showing the dropdown.

Inline Image convertGifsToGfycat - images don’t convert

Reported broken: http://www.reddit.com/r/RESissues/comments/2gdkbv/bug_res_is_changing_all_imgur_gifs_into_jpg/

Fixed for next release

Never-Ending Reddit not loading page 2

Never-Ending Reddit won’t load any pages if you have an orangered (either on pageload or when loading page 2), betteReddit is off, but betteReddit - showUnreadCountInFavicon is on.

To resolve this, turn off showUnreadCountInFavicon specifically. (Fixed for next release)

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Chrome 38 (beta) may also break on some security restriction. This is probably a beta issue and should be resolved by the Chrome team. tracked on res github

hardIgnore not hiding posts on post listings

If you have ignored a user (via user tagger) and turned on hardIgnore, then posts from an ignored user will not be hidden. Furthermore, user tags will not show for any subsequent users.

Fixed for next release

Workaround: turn off hardIgnore for now.

Account switcher doesn’t work in Chrome Incognito

Fixed for next release

Subreddit shortcut dropdown edit button only works for first shortcut hovered-over

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Fixed for next release

HTTPS changes

Reddit supports https site-wide as of September 8, 2014. You can enable it in your reddit preferences under the security tab. However, certain RES features don’t yet work on https.

Account Switcher

Broken in RES v4.5.0.2 and earlier. Fixed for next release.

Mixed content warnings

Not a bug, but we’re working on it anyway.

Upvote/downvote buttons aren’t visible in night mode

Broken in RES v4.5.0.2 and earlier when you have HTTPS enabled. Fixed for next release

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Self-posts open twice when using “L” keyboard shortcut or clicking [l=c] button

Broken in RES v4.5.0.2 and earlier. Fixed for next release

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