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User Tagger

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User Tagger Module running in RES


RES Version

Added in RES version 1.1

Bugfixes and feature enhancements added in RES version 1.5, 1.51, 1.6, 1.7, 1.75, 1.8, 1.85, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7, 3.2 & 3.4

Feature Description

Adds a great deal of customization around users - ignoring them, showing how many upvotes/downvotes you've previously given to a user and more.

The User Tagger module also allows you to set a tag and highlight color for any user. It is applied whenever you see their name.

You can see here the tag "RES maker" was attributed to user honestbleeps (RES author).

Configuration Options

defaultMark - clickable mark for users with no tag. Defaults to an underscore ('_')

hardIgnore - If "hard ignore" is off, only post titles and comment text is hidden. If it is on, the entire block is hidden - note that this would make it difficult/impossible for you to unignore a person.

colorUser - Color users based on cumulative upvotes / downvotes

hoverInfo - Show information on user (karma, how long they've been a redditor) on hover.

hoverDelay - Delay, in milliseconds, before hover tooltip loads. Default is 400.

fadeDelay - Delay, in milliseconds, before hover tooltip fades away. Default is 200.

USDateFormat - Show date (redditor since...) in US format (i.e. 08-31-2010)

vwNumber - Show the number of votes you've given a user (i.e. [+6]) rather than just a coloured [vw]. The colorUser configuration option needs to be enabled in order to activate this.

vwTooltip - Show the vote weight tooltip on hover (i.e. "your votes for..."). The colorUser configuration option needs to be enabled in order to activate this.

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