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Reddit Enchancement Suite gives the option of cycling through threads using keyboard shortcuts or Hotkeys. Once a thread on the main page has been highlighted, the following commands become available.

Highlighting Threads

By clicking a thread on any subreddit while Reddit Enchancement Suite is active on your browser, a dotted box will appear around the thread in question. The commands below are then available for use. When a hotkey has been pressed without a thread being highlighted, the first thread on the page will automatically be selected.


Key pressed Action on Link Action in Comments Shift command
/ Show help
. Show/hide commandline box
H Hide link
K Move up links Move up comments Move to top of list[1] Move to previous sibling[2]
J Move down links Move down comments Move to bottom of list[1] Move to next sibling[2]
P Move to parent
Enter Follow link Expand/collapse comments Open link in new tab[1]
X Toggle expand for image, text and video links Toggle expand for images in comments Toggle "view images" button
C View comments for link View comments in a new tab[1]
L View link and comments in new tabs View link and comments in new background tabs[1]
A Upvote selected link Upvote selected comment
Z Downvote selected link Downvote selected comment
S Save the current link Save the current link in comments
R Go to subreddit of selected link Reply to current comment
I Go to inbox Go to inbox while in comments
F Go to front page Go to front page while in comments Go to front page
N Go to next page
[ Go to previous image within expanded album Go to previous image within expanded album
] Go to next image within expanded album Go to next image within expanded album

[1] This command is for links.

[2] This command is for comments.

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