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Account Switcher

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RES Account Switcher running on RES 2.4


RES Version

Added in RES Version 1.75.

Bugfixes and feature enhancements added in RES Versions 1.8, 2.1, 2.6 & 2.7

Feature Description

The Account Switcher module allows you to switch between accounts on Reddit without having to logout and enter username & passwords yourself. The account info is stored in the RES preferences only.

Configuration Options

To add an account to this just navigate to 'Configure Modules' > 'Account Switcher' and click 'Add Row.' Two blank fields will then appear, one for the username and another for the password. Simply enter an accounts info within these boxes & click 'Save.' To add more accounts just click 'Add Row' again and repeat the process.

After you have setup the accounts you wish to switch between you will then see a small drop-down arrow, or snoo alien, next to your username in the header, clicking this will show you which accounts you can switch to. From there click on the account you want to switch to and you'll be switched.

keepLoggedIn Keeps you logged in when you restart your browser. This effectively ticks the 'Remember me' button that appears when you log in to Reddit.

Hints and Tips


RES Account Switcher Config running on RES 2.4
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