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Do you keep seeing this page open every time you load a page on Reddit and are you unable to save any RES settings?

If that's the case, you're probably running Chrome (or Safari) and have a corrupt user profile, and/or something else preventing RES from saving settings / data. This is usually solved by uninstalling RES, closing all instances of Chrome to ensure it closes completely, then starting Chrome and reinstalling RES.

A few users have reported the above solution not working, but reinstalling Chrome did fix the issue in their case.

RES is entirely free - as in beer, as in open source, as in everything. If you like our work, a contribution would be greatly appreciated.

When you contribute, you make it possible for the team to cover hosting costs and other expenses so that we can focus on doing what we do best: making your Reddit experience even better.
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What's new in RES v4.3.2:

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • Fixes several bugs in MediaCrush support (thanks @MediaCrush)
  • Don't run RES on mobile/compact pages (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix instragram support in night mode (thanks @gavin19)
  • Fixes to Reddit over https (thanks @andrewachen)
  • Pause MediaCrush expandos when closed (thanks @MediaCrush)
  • Fix Twitter expandos (thanks @honestbleeps)
  • Fix subreddit bar failing to load for shadowbanned users (thanks @sircmpwn)
  • Improved HTML rendering for showImages (thanks @largenocream)
  • Loads of other, smaller fixes...

New features / tweaks

  • New "Media Browse Mode" for Keyboard Navigation - if the current expando is open, hitting j or k will close it and open the next one automatically!
  • HTML5 videos (MediaCrush, gfycat, fitbamob) can be clicked+dragged to resize
  • HTML5 videos now have a prettier UI (thanks @MediaCrush, @joey5755 / gfycat)
  • Option to always allow subreddit styles in night mode (thanks @andytuba)
  • Giflike inline image support (thanks @mtsgrd)
  • Imgflip inline image support (thanks @dylanwenzlau)
  • Inline YouTube (in comments too!), Vimeo, Soundcloud, and MemeDad support (thanks @thybag)
  • Improved colored username support (thanks @andytuba)
  • Show view count on YouTube links (off by default) (thanks @markekraus)
  • Change "sort by" in comments just for the current page (thanks @andytuba)

Architecture Changes

  • Of interest to developers - RES has been split into many files for better organization, etc. More workflow improvements are on the way!

What's new in RES v4.3.1.2:

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • Fix to positioning of source button (thanks @mc10)
  • Fix to width of rank column (thanks @gavin19)
  • Fix for appearance of organic ad spots in night mode
  • Fixed an issue where your own top level comments weren't counted in the new comment counter
  • Fix to inline imageviewer feature that auto expands images in selfText - albums now work!
  • Various fixes to night mode (thanks @gavin19)
  • Various housekeeping and code cleanup (thanks @mc10)
  • Fix to allowNSFW feature (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix to NSFW CSS if module is disabled (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fixed support to obey maxWidth/maxHeight settings
  • Fix for account switcher in Chrome incognito
  • Fix for Chrome storing image viewer images in history even in incognito
  • Fix to drag/sort on /r/Dashboard (thanks @sircmpwn)
  • support updates (thanks @sircmpwn)
  • Fix to clickFocus restricting to a smaller area
  • Fix to night mode on traffic pages (thanks @gavin19)

New features / tweaks

  • Added "go mode" to avoid accidental navigation to pages (this can be turned off if you don't care for it) - now, hit "g" than "f", for example, to go to the front page.

What's new in RES v4.3.1.1:

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • Fixed an issue affecting many buttons (view source, flair selection, etc)
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard navigation parent buttons (thanks @gavin19)
  • Fixed an issue with j key navigation on dashboard
  • Fixed character counter on big editor
  • For now, snoonet module is disabled - stay tuned for an exciting new development soon, though!

What's new in RES v4.3.1:

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • Fixes for Safari 6.1 and 7 (thanks @phriedrich)
  • Fixed an issue with passwords with certain characters failing (thanks @aidanhs)
  • Fixed fadeDelay in subredditInfo popup (thanks, @gavin19)
  • Fixed inability to unsave already-saved links (thanks, @mc10)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking expanded images wouldn't open them in a new tab
  • Fixed an issue where certain dashboard widgets would fail to hide the scrim after loading
  • Fix to links bringing up the wrong image due to a change at imgur
  • Lots of code cleanup / organization (HUGE thanks to @mc10 for a ton of housekeeping, also thanks as always to @andytuba, @gavin19)
  • Fix for subreddit info popup not working on Never Ending Reddit pages (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix steam domain detection (thanks @themichaellai)
  • Fixed an issue with CSS causing problems on other sites in Firefox (NetVibes, Yahoo Mail)
  • Fixed a few issues with support (thanks @sircmpwn)
  • Updated chrome API use (replaced deprecated calls) (thanks @chizu)
  • Fixed a bug that could stop RES from functioning with the userbar collapsed
  • All sorts of other small, misc bug fixes, thanks to any/all of the above who contributed...

New features / tweaks

  • Updated Twitter expando functionality to use Chrome's optional permissions because of a change on twitter's end from http to https
  • Added the ability to individually enable/disable image hosts (thanks @dxprog)
  • Added the option to choose between imgur album types (RES-style, or reddit's new built in one)
  • Added soundcloud to the list of domains that toolbarFix fixes
  • Removed Vine from the inline image viewer since Reddit added native support
  • Clicking labels now selects radio buttons (thanks @ericsubach)
  • Update to Tinycon to support Retina (thanks @ggPeti)
  • ESC key will now dismiss tips dialogs (thanks @mc10)
  • Updates to Never Ending Reddit to better handle future changes on reddit's side (thanks @andytuba)
  • Added subredditInfo hover to subreddit links in comments (thanks @gavin19)
  • Added an option to ditch the "view images" tab but still use image viewer (thanks @theinternetftw)
  • Fixed voting on parent hovers (thanks @mc10)

What's new in RES v4.3.0.4:

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • various fixes for Firefox 23+
  • fixed a flickr expando issue
  • CSS fix for hidden userbar toggle
  • fixed an issue with hyphens in usernames
  • fixed an issue with +shortcut button not appearing at /subreddits (formerly /reddits)
  • various code cleanup / housekeeping (thanks @mc10!)
  • Yet more Opera 12.* specific tweaks to regain functionality in Opera

New features / tweaks

  • added subscribe button to subreddit hover popup
  • added support
See changelog for older versions