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Welcome, Microsoft Edge Preview users!

The RES team is incredibly honored and proud to be partnering with Microsoft on the initial release of the extension to Microsoft Edge reddit users.

Please note that RES for Edge is a preview version, so there may be some bugs! Please bear with us and be sure to let us know you're using Edge if you report any bugs (your browser may report itself as Chrome!)


Do you keep seeing this page open every time you load a page on Reddit and are you unable to save any RES settings?


If that's the case, you're probably running Chrome (or Safari) and have a corrupt user profile, and/or something else preventing RES from saving settings / data. This is usually solved by uninstalling RES, closing all instances of Chrome to ensure it closes completely, then starting Chrome and reinstalling RES.

A few users have reported the above solution not working, but reinstalling Chrome did fix the issue in their case.

RES is entirely free - as in beer, as in open source, as in everything. If you like our work, a contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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What's new in RES 4.6.1

  • New Features and Enhancements

    • Quick navigation in RES Settings (thanks @andytuba)
    • New media hosts
      • (thanks @nicememe)
      • (thanks @gapipro)
      • Miiverse (thanks @sfoop)
      • coub (thanks @igorgladkoborodov)
      • (thanks @grafixoner)
      • (thanks @klpl, @zjaved)
      • uploadly ((thanks @Cervenka)
      • eroshare (thanks @Cervenka)
      • (thanks @rapkin)
      • (thanks Brad Mills @pornbotnet)
      • Use reddit's streamable expando on post listings (thanks @githue)
    • Added favicons for media hosts below expandos on post listings (thanks @andytuba)
    • Added "legacy" scrolling style for keyboard nav (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Changed "need to save settings" indicator to colorblind-friendly white (thanks @andytuba)
    • Stylesheet Loader can load external stylesheets, RESUpdates.css moved to (thanks @andytuba)
    • /r/RESAnnouncements notifications are a little more obnoxious obvious (thanks @andytuba)
    • "Use subreddit stylesheet" checkbox can be styled more easily by moderators and does not appear on top of other UI elements (thanks @andytuba)
    • Presets module easier to find and safer to use (thanks @andytuba)
  • Bug Fixes

    • filteReddit
    • Nightmode
      • Removed filters from post thumbnails and expando buttons so subreddit moderators can style them (thanks @githue)
      • Fixed nightmode on report form and rules page (thanks @githue)
      • Fixed sidebar toggles white background (thanks @andytuba)
      • Fixed nightmode loading slow in FF45 (thanks @andytuba)
    • Never Ending Reddit
      • Fixed on modlog and comments pages (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Removed jumping to page 2 or deeper after switching accounts (thanks @andytuba)
      • Improved conserveMemory (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Show Media
      • Fix gfycat control panel ordering (thanks @githue)
      • Fix images linking to albums (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Show images on page 2 of "saved" links (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Upgraded /r/Dashboard search widget for new reddit search layout (thanks @matheod)
    • Styling
      • Fix subreddit shortcut drawers from extending below viewport (thanks @githue)
      • Fix unnecessary scrollbars on new comments (thanks @githue)
      • Fix comments showing on top of sidebar (thanks @githue)
      • Fix notifications hidden behind setting console (thanks @andytuba)
    • Selected Entry/Keyboard Nav
      • fix annoyingautomatically scrolling on pageload or closing expando (thanks @andytuba)
      • fix navigating from posts to comments and inside inbox and a variety of broken keyboard shortcuts (thanks @erikdesjardins, @andytuba)
      • fixed expandoss crolling the page awkwardly (thanks @andyuba)
      • Fix "open link" from keyboard nav not opening in the same tab per options (thanks @13steinj)
    • Fix User Info appearing when module disabled (thanks @andytuba)
    • Fixed new comment count for Japanese readers (thanks @kusotool)
    • Fixed vote weight being attributed to wrong author when voting from inbox or comments listings (thanks @andytuba)
    • Fixed Stylesheet Loader loading stylesheets outside selected "only on..." subreddits
    • Don't run RES on .json pages (thanks @andytuba)
    • Fix [l=c] Single Click Opener from opening two comments pages for posts with non-Latin titles (thanks @kusotool, @andytuba)
    • Fix "back to top" arrow not appearing in Firefox 45 (thanks @andytuba)
    • Fix account switcher not switching in Firefox 46+ (thanks @andytuba, @erikdesjardins)
  • Housekeeping / Other

    • Converted changelog to Markdown (thanks @Ajedi32)
    • Upgrade firing events to outside extensions (thanks @LordWingZero)
    • "New messages" event fired to other extensions (thanks @andytuba)

What's new in RES 4.6.0

  • New Features and Enhancements

    • New Modules
      • Added "Orangered" module, for managing and syncing unread notifications (locally). Does not replace reddit message notifiers. (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added dropdown menu to envelope (notification) button linking to various parts of inbox (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added global spoiler tag module. Currently only works on user profiles. Any markdown pointing to /spoiler, #spoiler, /s or #s will be hidden. Hovering shows the text (thanks @SirCmpwn and @andytuba)
      • Added stylesheet module - load stylesheets from existing subreddits or arbitrary CSS on specific pages (big thanks @andytuba, thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Added Backup & Restore module - manually backup your RES settings (thanks @thybag)
      • ...and a few more due to breaking up and refactoring existing modules
    • filteReddit enhancements
      • Added custom filters to filteReddit module (big thanks @gamefreak)
      • Extended subreddit filter to everywhere by default, with an option to go back to /r/all and /domain (thanks @allewun and @andytuba)
    • Header / Userbar enhancements
      • Added custom toggles to RES dropdown menu, particularly for turning custom-loaded subreddit stylesheets on/off (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added a back to top button (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added gold icon to accounts listed in Account Switcher dropdown menu (thanks @coreyja)
      • Added a "New RES announcement" notification in RES dropdown menu (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added a subreddit manager option for lowercase/mixed-case shortcuts in top bar (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added a subreddit manager option to use different/same set of shortcuts for different accounts (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added a dropdown to the inbox icon for sending messages and quickly navigating to inbox sections (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added option for reddit logo to link to /r/Dashboard (thanks @cathcart)
    • Settings Console enhancements
      • Added serious gussying-up, usability, and nightmode styling improvements to settings console (thanks @githue a lot, also @andytuba and @gamefreak)
      • Added new settings presets - one button press to apply different presets to RES settings. (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added a prompt before abandoning changes to settings options you haven't saved (thanks @andytuba)
    • Quick Message enhancements
      • Added the ability to send messages from subreddits you moderate (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Added options to automatically select a user or subreddit to send from (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Added the option to automatically add the page link/comment link when opening quickMessage (thanks @andytuba and @erikdesjardins)
      • Can now handle arbitrary links in the content and sidebar (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Message Menu dropdown menu for quick access to various parts of inbox (thanks @andytuba)
    • New Expandos (Inline Image Viewer)
      • (thanks @JonBons)
      • (thanks @mverderese)
      •, (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • (thanks @erikdesjardins, @andytuba) not full 500px support, only direct links
      • Microsoft OneDrive (thanks @sgtfrankieboy and @andytuba)
      • (thanks @sgtfrankieboy and @nicememe)
      • Support for some imgur subdomains (stack.imgur, yahoo.imgur) (thanks @andytuba)
    • Misc enhancements
      • Added repost warning on submit page (thanks @erikdesjardins and @andytuba) Attempts to determine via search whether the link on the "submit a post" page has already been submitted to the current subreddit. Not 100% accurate.
      • Tabs to visually segregate subreddits/filters/help on new search page (thanks @githue)
      • Subreddit Info now shows when hovering over trending subreddit listings (thanks @andytuba)
      • Improved readability/clickability on subreddit shortcut dropdown (thanks @githue)
      • Added the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts for comment tools (bold, italic, etc.) (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Added options to show full timestamps by default (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Added the number of children to "show child comments" (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Improved image/gif/video expando buttons (thanks @githue)
      • Highlight expando buttons of NSFW posts (thanks @andytuba, @githue)
      • Added option to change case of post titles (thanks @andytuba)
      • Command line "/r" to navigate to rising posts (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Split "move up/down" keyboard shortcuts into seperate keys for comments and link lists (thanks @andytuba)
      • Added option to automatically use the old search page (thanks @andytuba)
      • Increased /r/dashboard height capacity (thanks @erikdesjardins)
      • Added warnings to reload other tabs after switching accounts (thanks @andytuba)
      • Admin/mod/friend/OP highlighting overrides improved (thanks @githue)
      • Added .RES-keyNav-activeThing class to "currently selected thing" (not just the element, but all its children) (thanks @githue)
  • Bug Fixes

    • Vote weight tracking (RES tracking upvotes/downvotes you give to each user) works again (thanks @matheod)
    • Updated styling of certain elements and pages in nightmode (code blocks, quotes, etc..) to work with reddit's new markdown. (thanks @gavin19)
    • Updated nightmode styling for lots of things, including reddit's new search layout (thanks @githue)
    • rts and save-RES buttons and some other things should now work with newly loaded comments (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed beta flask covering username (thanks @githue)
    • Username Hider hides username with correct displayText in header and taglines (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Username Highlighter adds colored background to hidden (usernameHider) usernames (e.g. OP, mod, admin, etc.) (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • New tabs will open in the foreground/background according to browser preference now. (Used to only open in background) (thanks @mc10)
    • Fixed Modmail keyboard shortcut not being able to be customized (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Changed: some expando types which used to rewrite the post URL no longer do so (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed subreddit detection with /r/keys for post title tagging and hover info (thanks @jsayol)
    • Fixed quickMessage not respecting usernameHider (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed albums switching back to image 1 when scrolling and getting weird aspect ratios (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed tumblr photo captions not showing for single-image posts (thanks @andytuba)
    • Fixed logging in using account switcher in Opera Blink (thanks @mryanmurphy)
    • Fixed account switcher not closing properly sometimes (thanks @Shraymonks)
    • Fixed multiple entries for the same subreddit appearing in "My subreddits" dropdown (thanks @andytuba)
    • Fixed comment box disappearing because pushed below sidebar (thanks @githue)
    • Fixed RES running on reddit toolbar pages (thanks @andytuba)
    • Fixed nightmode styling on login popup (thanks @yangzihe)
    • Fixed sorting by usernames in dashboard (thanks @githue, @andytuba)
    • Fixed wrong account age near first of the month in user info hover popup (thanks @yangzihe)
    • Fixed friend button and loading icon on user info popup (thanks @githue)
    • Fixed NoParticipation EscapeNP on links starting with "/" (thanks @andytuba, @mc10)
    • Fixed duplicate expando buttons - RES will now simply replace reddit's expando if it exists (thanks @andytuba)
    • Stop the Never Ending Reddit progress indicator from being pushed below the sidebar (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed quickMessage messages getting truncated (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed shift-L ("View link and comments in new background tabs") not opening in background tabs (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed some characters not being unescaped in comment source (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed fadeSpeed options having behavior opposite of their description (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed some user tags being unreadable in nightmode and superscript (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Fixed pinned header from jumping late after pageload (thanks @Shraymonks)
    • Fixed defaultContext option not applying to profile pages (thanks @thybag)
    • Fixed new comment count not working in Japanese (thanks @svjharris)
    • Fixed NSFW stamp not being red in nightmode (thanks @igglyboo)
    • Fixed some misc nightmode issues (thanks @mc10)
  • Housekeeping / Other

    • Updated various icons and buttons to use a flat look (thanks @erikdesjardins, @githue)
    • Tidied up galeryimage gallery text and controls (thanks @githue)
    • Consolidated and improved button and toggle button styling (thanks @githue)
    • Improved styling and usability of pop-up notifications, hover info, dropdown menus, bunches of things (thanks @githue)
    • Made the new announcement notification on the RES Gear Icon stand out a bit more (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Moved uncheckSendReplies from betteReddit to submitHelper
    • Default macros are now editable - Look of Disapproval removed from default macro list
    • {{reply_to}} placeholder gets parent comment's author, not current username (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Cleaned up accountSwitcher menu and error code (thanks @andytuba)
    • Console fixes (thanks @matheod)
    • Add less verbose versions of RESStorage commands in console (thanks @andytuba)
    • Remove (non-functional) autocomplete from console (thanks @gmcclure382)
    • Fewer ajax calls to check for moderated subreddits (thanks @JordanMilne, @andytuba)
    • Fewer ajax calls for subreddit info (thanks @githue, @andytuba)
    • Update jQuery and guiders.js (thanks @mc10)
    • Update favico.js (thanks @benwa)
    • Refactored showImages.js - All hosts now have their own file, allowing for easier fixing and creation of expando supporting hosts. (thanks @andytuba @erikdesjardins and more)
    • Factor out Twitter support from the core files (thanks @andytuba and @erikdesjardins)
    • Greatly refactored KeyboardNav (thanks @andytuba)
    • Some RES added elements (such as keyboardNav numbers and usertags) will no longer get copied when you select text (thanks @arresteddevelopment)
    • Removed toolbarFix since reddit toolbar is gone (thanks @andytuba)
    • Major refactor of init process (big thanks @andytuba)
    • Cleaned up gulp (thanks @mc10)
    • Refactored gulp a bit (thanks @andytuba)
    • Refactored gulp a lot (thanks @erikdesjardins)
    • Bugfixes to gulp scripts (thanks @danieljl)
    • Update and maintain readme (thanks @allthefoxes and @mc10)
    • Cleanup and linting of many modules (big thanks @mc10, thanks @andytuba, @erikdesjardins, others)
    • Automatic linting of pull requests (Travis CI) (thanks @mc10)
    • Other miscellaneous refactoring
    • Big thanks to @allthefoxes and others for maintaining this changelog.
    • A few typo commits as always - and these too.

What's new in RES 4.5.4


  • Hover pop-ups popping after mousing off the trigger element before the hover delay ends (thanks @erikdesjardins) - to turn them back on, please see this comment for links!
  • Never-Ending Reddit "loading next page" stays the same height instead of bumping the page around (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • 4.5.3 changelog and hugs added to repo (thanks @KamranMackey)
  • nightmode fixups (thanks @gavin19 and @andytuba)
  • Fixed filteReddit filtering every post because of unlessKeyword entries, and cleaned out old "undefined" unlessKeywords (thanks @andytuba)
  • fixed enter key submitting comment/post prematurely (thanks @andytuba)
  • fixed "hide" posts not hiding posts (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • housekeeping (thanks @creesch)
  • "submit an issue" wizard text re-ordered to ask user questions upfront and provide specific suggestions for troubleshooting info (thanks @andytuba)
See changelog for older versions