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Do you keep seeing this page open every time you load a page on Reddit and are you unable to save any RES settings?


If that's the case, you're probably running Chrome (or Safari) and have a corrupt user profile, and/or something else preventing RES from saving settings / data. This is usually solved by uninstalling RES, closing all instances of Chrome to ensure it closes completely, then starting Chrome and reinstalling RES.

A few users have reported the above solution not working, but reinstalling Chrome did fix the issue in their case.

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What's new in RES 4.5.1

final updated revision - release 4.5.1:

New Features / Tweaks

  • Added full HTTPS support now that reddit supports it
  • Switched out a lot of RES image resources to use HTTPS now that it's fully supported
  • Added HTTPS support for imgur and some other image hosts -- note: not all image hosts support it, you will sometimes see "mixed content" warnings because of this.
  • Changed default behavior of post / comment score highlighting (turned off)
  • Handy-dandy edit/delete buttons on subreddit shortcuts (thanks @andytuba)
  • Added an option to hide formatting tools on comment preview (bold, italic, etc) (thanks @andytuba)
  • Updated on/off toggles to be more colorblind friendly (thanks @andytuba)
  • Comment navigator now tracks scroll position and updates as you move through the page
  • Keyboard navigation commands added for comment navigator (N to toggle, shift-up/down to navigate)
  • Updates to redditbooru support (thanks @dxprog)
  • Apply filters to multireddits (thanks @Dashed)
  • Expandos for (thanks @Melraidin)
  • Sort tables in posts, comments, sidebar, wiki by clicking on headers (thanks @danny)
  • Improve night mode appearance of markdown editor (thanks @githue)
  • Added loading spinner for image galleries for a better UX when changing images
  • Added compatibility with Tree Style Tabs extension for Firefox (thanks @CyberShadow)
  • UX tweaks to RES options search results (thanks @githue)
  • Comment Tool options to hide formatting tools (thanks @andytuba)
  • Make settings console openable from NP module (thanks @andytuba)
  • Changed how autoplay works for MediaCrush videos (thanks @SirCmpwn)
  • Removed bitcointip module as the bitcointip service is retired
  • Added a tips/tricks box to subreddit style editing page for moderators to help guide them toward help dealing with styling for RES
  • Add support for (thanks @alexchung)
  • Added a subreddit style toggle box to the toolbar for Firefox - now present in Chrome, Firefox and Opera - no more suffering from pesky moderators who hide it!

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • MediaCrush and gfycat expandos fixed
  • MediaCrush elements no longer open when "view images" is clicked as they may be video
  • Fixed navigate by IAmA, broken by a reddit change
  • Fixed navigate by popular feature of comment navigator, also broken by a reddit change (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fixed a bug where converted gfycat images would overlap content
  • Fix comma-separated imgur "album" links (thanks @isstabb)
  • Fix tumblr and other remote text posts that contain iframes
  • RES command line console fixed in Firefox
  • More reliable CSS toggle in toolbar (Chrome and Opera 15+ only)
  • Restore original text when mouse leaves timestamps
  • Fix occasionally broken whitelisting of subreddit stylesheets in night mode
  • Auto-sort vote score user coloration
  • Mark gifs as visited with showImages convertGifsToGfycat option enabled (thanks @wT-)
  • Fixed a bug where the 'save' button on a dashboard widget got scrolled off screen when creating a very large widget
  • fixed a subreddit tagger case sensitivity bug where some subs would not get tagged (thanks @gavin19)
  • Fixed a bug where expanded images would cover the user tagger form
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple 'source' buttons to be rendered
  • Fixed the background color of the flair selector in night mode
  • Fixed reddit's all new report form for night mode (thanks @gavin19)
  • Fixed an issue with private messages from ignored users (thanks @andytuba)
  • Show all RES options by default (thanks @mc10)
  • Fix convertGifToGfycat causing duplicate images when users click twice (during loading) (thanks @SirCmpwn)
  • Some CSS fixes for media shown on wiki pages
  • Add the ability to upvote/downvote without toggle behavior (shift-A / shift-Z) (thanks @andytuba)

... and as always, various code cleanup and other minor fixes / performance enhancements.

What's new in RES v4.5.0.2:

New features / tweaks

  • NOTE: we've changed the default setting for moving images to use ctrl-arrow keys rather than shift and arrow keys to avoid a common conflict for users (thanks in part to @squarific)
  • Updated the "No Participation" module based on feedback from moderators of various subs (thanks @andytuba)
  • Added an option to turn off the CSS icon in the address bar (allows you to toggle subreddit styles)
  • Added a bit more helpful guidance to users reporting bugs
  • Various code cleanup and triage (thanks @mc10)

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • Got rid of protectRESElements option that was causing content to disappear for users with zoom on
  • Fixed an issue with conserveMemory option causing page shift when scrolling past large images - if you turned this off, we recommend you re-enable it!
  • Fixes to gfycat module
  • Stop GIFs from resetting to first frame on mouse scroll
  • Fix to giflike (thanks @mtsgrd)
  • Add some more foolproof error checking to avoid problems with bad data in filteReddit
  • Fix "disable animations" causing problems for some users (thanks @andytuba)
  • Fix "sort comments temporaily" (thankns @matheod)

What's new in RES v4.5.0.1:

Bug Fixes / Maintenance

  • Fixed a couple of issues with night mode coloring
  • Fixed a few issues with "use subreddit stylesheet" for some users
  • Various other small / emergency bug fixes
See changelog for older versions