Known Issues

v5.0.1 Known Issues

September 4, 2016

v5.0.0 Known Issues

September 1, 2016

General Issues:
Bug Status Notes
Karma isn’t updating on the userbar Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A
Drag to resize set to image not gallery Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A
Message count not showing next to envelope Investigating Ensure hideUnreadCount is off
Images not expanding on wiki pages Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A
Expandos do not collapse on hide Fixed, Upcoming patch N/A

Google Chrome Known Issues:
Bug Status Notes
RES doesn’t work at all Workaround Please use stable or beta channels, we will not be offically supporting canary.
NER does not work Ensure you are on Chrome 53 We are looking into backporting browser support. Ubuntu LTS users read here.
Permission popups after denying. Fixed, Update to Improvements coming in upcoming patch.

Microsoft Edge Known Issues:
Bug Status Notes
No orangered in tab when user has message. Edge bug, awaiting fix Github Issue #2864
Backup does not properly name the file. Edge bug, awaiting fix Github Issue #2864
Stylesheets not loaded correctly on first load of extension. Edge bug, awaiting fix confirmation N/A
RES does not add URLs to history to change link colour. Edge limitation, awaiting feature implementation N/A

v4.5.4 New Known Issues

March 30, 2016

Album expandos don’t show

Album expandos are no longer supported in RES v4.5.4 (or any previous versions) because Imgur shut down the old API that version was using on March 30, 2016.

When RES v4.6.1 is available for Safari, everything will be fine. In the meanwhile, sorry – you can click through instead. If you deliberately downgraded to RES v4.5.4, then you get to live with no expandos.

v4.6.1 Known Issues

March 16, 2016

Account Switcher broken in Firefox 48+

Account Switcher doesn’t do anything due to a breaking change in Firefox 48.

This is fixed in RES v4.7.4, which can be installed via the beta channel.

More discussion

Images from and are not resizable and do not show when “view images” is turned on.

This is fixed in the next release of RES.

Media expando (inline images) changes
Images automatically shown, can’t resize

reddit now automatically opens the linked image when visiting a comments page. These expandos can’t be resized and don’t use RES’s keyboard navigation.

You can disable this with the new preferences available on your preferences page.


NewCommentCount notification (“subscribe to thread”) doesn’t show

New Comment Count notifications (pop-up for “new comment made on post”) don’t show.

No workaround at the moment. Instead, periodically check in on /r/Dashboard “My Subscriptions and click the … “as reddit listing” link near the top.

Can’t use expando button for NSFW posts on touch screen

Turn off highlightNSFWButton RES settings console > Productivity > Inline Image Viewer > highlightNSFWButton

AllowNSFW is still broken

Sorry, neglected to fix this for 4.6.1.

Try this workaround:

Nightmode expando buttons are too bright

v4.6.0 Known Issues

January 11, 2016

“Back to top” arrow button disappeared in Firefox 45

Fixed for 4.6.1 release.

Night mode loads slowly in Firefox 45

Fixed for 4.6.1 release.

SelectedEntry autoSelectOnScroll selects thing at bottom of page

Fixed for 4.6.1: The fix will stop scrolling the page to the selected post, plus an option to re-enable that; and options to select the last thing or the first thing or nothing at all.

WORKAROUND: Turn off Selected Entry. (This kills the keynav, though.). –andytuba 11am pacific 2016-01-11

Night mode is colorful

The RES team will post an update next week on how to tweak nightmode, to determine the most important aspects to tweak and prepare instructions on how to easily get an update.

As of 9am 2016-01-11 Pacific, the post titles should be back to white. If you preferred them colorful: add a new row with res-nightMode-coloredLinks to bodyClasses RES settings console > Appearance > Stylesheet Loader > bodyClasses

User karma is slow to load

As of 11am 2016-01-11 Pacific, we’re seeing occasional slowness or failures to show link karma to the right of your username in the top right corner. It looks like the reddit servers are struggling a little, and hope it will resolve itself.

User Info hover still pops up even when disabled

Fixed for next release:

Workaround: disable User Info module entirely

Clicking an image in an album opens the image, not the album

Fixed for 4.6.1.

Moving to next post with keyboard navigation doesn’t

Something is broken with J’ing or automatically moving down to next post on vote. Will investigate and fix soon. –andytuba 8pm pacific 2016-01-11

Upvoting/downvoting with keyboard doesn’t work in inbox

Fixed for 4.6.1

Posts get scrolled under subreddit shortcuts header when pinHeader is set to subreddit menu

Happens mostly in Safari. Not yet fixed.

Unnecessary vertical scrollbars on new comments

Will get fixed via CSS hotfix and in next release

White background on selected comments

Please ask the mods to update their CSS from .RES-keyNav-activeElement to .RES-keyNav-activeElement, .RES-keyNav .md-container

If moderators need help, ask in r/csshelp or r/Enhancement.

Can’t see text on selected comments when using night mode

Try updating focusBGColorNight RES settings console > Appearance > Selected Entry > focusBGColorNight

(This may be resolved a different way later.)

Touchscreen laptop, tapping NSFW image expando button with red candy stripes doesn’t work

Turn off highlightNSFWButton RES settings console > Productivity > Inline Image Viewer > highlightNSFWButton

filterReddit: filters for specific subreddits are broken
Subreddit specific filters only work in post listings

i.e. if you’re using the “Only on” or “Everywhere but” options.

Workaround: apply them everywhere.

Fixed for the next version:

v4.5.4 Known Issues

December 30, 2014

User info shows NaN for suspended users

Comment karma commas

reddit recently added commas to link karma. To also add commas in comment karma, turn on: useCommas RES Settings Console > Accounts > Show Comment Karma

The next release will turn on commas (or locale-appropriate separator) by default.

More discussion

Semicolon in private messages deletes the rest of the message

When using the “Quick Message” pop-up composer for private messages, any text following a semicolon (semi-colon, semi colon) isn’t sent. This is fixed for the next release. There is no workaround.

“next” button and Never-Ending Reddit “load next page” banner don’t show on search page

Never-Ending Reddit doesn’t work properly on reddit’s new search layout. The “next” and “previous” buttons are hidden and the “load next page” banner doesn’t show. This has been fixed for the next release of RES.

Select one option to fix this:

Vote arrows are still visible on archived posts

You cannot vote or comment on posts which are archived (older than 6 months) or locked (by subreddit moderators). RES can hides the vote buttons, but a recent change to reddit markup has broken RES detecting these posts.

This is fixed for the next version.

Expando images don’t show on search page

RES v4.5.4 does not show image expandos on reddit’s new search layout. This has been fixed for the next release.

To work around this for now, turn on show legacy search page - reddit preferences > display options > show legacy search page.

Keyboard navigation doesn’t work on search page

RES v4.5.4 keyboard navigation doesn’t work on reddit’s new search layout. This has been fixed for the next release.

To work around this for now, turn on show legacy search page - reddit preferences > display options > show legacy search page.

NSFW button is black/hard to see in nightmode

This is an (unintended) side effect of reddit changing the NSFW indicator. Fixed for the next release.

Beta flask icon covers up beginning of username

Fixed for next release.

To work around this, turn off User Bar Hider RES settings console > Accounts > User Bar Hider

Fixed for next release.

GIFVs inside imgur albums show as GIFs

Not yet fixed, but /u/andytuba is gonna work real hard on fixing a lot of imgur issues for the next release.

Nightmode - blindingly white blocks, dark text on dark background

Fixed for next release.

reddit changed the sitewide user-text stylesheet in January 2015. Night mode has been updated to match.

You can work around this for now by adding custom CSS using Stylish:

If you have reddit gold, you can select a dark reddit theme instead of RES’ night mode.

Vote weights (username [+1]) don’t change on upvote/downvote

Fixed for next release.

You can manually change the vote weight number by clicking on a user’s number or user tag, then changing the “Vote Weight” field and saving the new user tag.

If you’re feeling brave and using Firefox, you can patch it yourself. More discussion (slightly outdated) Even more discussion

  1. Back up your settings.
  2. Close your browser.
  3. Find your browser’s copy of RES. It’s near where your RES settings are stored.
  4. Find userTagger.js and open it in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit.
  5. Find line 431 of userTagger.js. It should look like this: var voteButtons = obj.querySelectorAll('.likes .arrow'); Change it to this: var voteButtons = obj.querySelectorAll('.midcol .arrow'); Change line 457 from this: if ('onclick').indexOf('unvotable') === -1) { to this: if (!'archived')) { Change line 503 from this: if (this.classList.contains('up')) { to this: if (this.classList.contains('upmod')) { And change line 522 from this: if (this.classList.contains('down')) { to this: if (this.classList.contains('downmod')) {
  6. Save the file.
  7. Re-open your browser

Chrome users, this workaround is no longer an option! Chrome is treating the changes as “the extension may have been corrupted” and will disable it. If you have already edited the extension and Chrome has disabled RES, back up your data and reinstall RES.

Never-Ending Reddit “load next page” banner pushed below sidebar, Never-Ending Reddit doesn’t load until I scroll all the way down

Is fixed for next release.

Workaround: change your reddit preferences > link options > “show [25] links per page” to a higher number

Duplicate subreddits in “My Subreddits” dropdown

This is fixed for the next release.

clearSubreddits RES settings console > About RES > Troubleshooter > clearSubreddits

Reset the ‘My Subreddits’ dropdown contents in the event of old/duplicate/missing entries.

This issue persists from RES v4.5.0.2

It is fixed for the next release.

Workaround: turn off conserveMemory RES settings console > UI > Inline Image Viewer > conserveMemory.

Source shows < instead of > (quote) and other &…; (ampersand) issues

Fixed for next release.

Some formatting (code, bullet points, etc..) do not work with Nightmode

Fixed for next release

Some posts have two duplicate expandos (gfycat, etc.)

Fixed for the next version.

This bug occurs when both reddit and RES add an expando to the same post. In the next version RES will just replace reddit expandos, so this shouldn’t happen again. Before that’s released you can (usually) get rid of reddit’s expando by enabling https in your reddit preferences. This only works because embedly (reddit’s embed provider) doesn’t seem to support HTTPS, though, so it may not be permanent. This doesn’t work so well anymore, more expandos support HTTPS.

v4.5.3 Known Issues

December 19, 2014

All posts are being filtered

Fixed for next release

The filteReddit keywords filter’s unlessKeyword is filtering all posts unless they match that keyword. This affects anyone who set a keyword filter with an unlessKeyword and (unexpectedly) anyone who added a keyword filter before RES v4.5.1 and also filtered a subreddit.

To work around this, use the unlessKeyword undefined batch cleaner (great for lots of old filters) or follow these instructions:

  1. Go to RES settings for keywords RES settings console > Filters > filteReddit > keywords
  2. Delete everything in the unlessKeyword column.
  3. Save your options and reload /r/all.

Sorry about that! -andytuba

Posts don’t hide when I click the “hide” button

Bug in the “fade in/out” code. Fixed for next release. (thanks to /u/erikdesjardins)

Workaround: turn off fixHideLinks RES settings console > UI > betteReddit > fixHideLinks

Pop-ups for subreddit info, user info, and parent keep appearing as I mouse around or scroll

Bug in the “fade in/out” code. Fixed for next release

Poor man’s workaround: turn off the hovers.

hoverInfo RES settings console > Users > User Tagger > hoverInfo ^(Make sure to hit the save button after changing this.)

Show Parent on Hover RES settings console > Comments > Show Parent on Hover

Subreddit Info RES settings console > UI > Subreddit Info

Hitting Enter submits the post/comment

fixed for next release

RES now submits a post or comment when you press Ctrl+Enter or Cmd+Enter. However, sometimes RES doesn’t notice when you release the Ctrl/Cmd keys.

You can work around this by turning off the functionality.

ctrlEnterSubmitsComments RES settings console > Comments > Comment Tools > ctrlEnterSubmitsComments

ctrlEnterSubmitsPosts RES settings console > Comments > Comment Tools > ctrlEnterSubmitsPosts

v4.5.2 Known Issues

October 14, 2014

Black background on selected comment makes text impossible to read

There’s a bug with setting the correct default color. You can fix it by changing focusBGColorNight RES settings console > UI > Keyboard Navigation > focusBGColorNight Background color of focused element in Night Mode

Never-Ending Reddit isn’t loading the next page when I scroll to the bottom

Make sure Never-Ending Reddit isn’t paused:

  1. If you’re at the top of the page, scroll down a few inches to make the button appear.
  2. Look for the (>) or (   ) button in the top right corner of the window. It’s next to the floating envelope button.
  3. (If you have set betteReddit - pinHeader to “Full Header”, the play/pause button will be obscured by the header. Workaround: set pinHeader to “None”, save your settings, reload the page, unpause, then put your settings back.)
  4. Click the button to unpause NER.

More discussion

Account switcher logs me out, but doesn’t log me in

Workaround: switch accounts twice.

This affects Firefox and Chrome.

This is fixed for the next release.

Inline image expandos
gifv download button only reloads the page

This is fixed for the next release.

Wrong aspect ratios in image galleries

This issue persists from RES v4.5.0.2. However, /u/honestbleeps can reproduce the issue and will probably fix it for the next release.

gifv show on top of text

If you open a gifv expando, close it before it loads, and open it again, then the expando image may show on top of the text below it. Workaround: click and drag the image a little.

gifv is stuck/paused right after opening

If you open a gifv expando, close it before it loads, and open it again, then the expando image may get paused. There is no workaround except reloading the page, just don’t do this.

v4.5.1 Known Issues

September 14, 2014


At first, people were complaining that imgur wasn’t loaded via https. Then people are complaining that imgur is loading via https. Oye.

To meet in the middle, in the next release of RES, imgur links will be https only on

Colored circles on posts / colored comment scores disappeared!

It was a bug that those colors appeared in the first place. That has been remedied.

You can enable these again:

Settings > UI > Vote Enhancements (voteEnhancements) colorLinkScore and colorCommentScore

Subreddit shortcut edit dropdown

You can disable it:

Settings > UI > Subreddit Manager (subredditManager) dropdownEditButton Show “edit” and “delete” buttons in dropdown menu on subreddit shortcut bar

Or you can wait for the next release, which adds a delay before showing the dropdown.

Inline Image convertGifsToGfycat - images don’t convert

Reported broken:

Fixed for next release

Never-Ending Reddit not loading page 2

Never-Ending Reddit won’t load any pages if you have an orangered (either on pageload or when loading page 2), betteReddit is off, but betteReddit - showUnreadCountInFavicon is on.

To resolve this, turn off showUnreadCountInFavicon specifically. (Fixed for next release)

More discussion

Chrome 38 (beta) may also break on some security restriction. This is probably a beta issue and should be resolved by the Chrome team. tracked on res github

hardIgnore not hiding posts on post listings

If you have ignored a user (via user tagger) and turned on hardIgnore, then posts from an ignored user will not be hidden. Furthermore, user tags will not show for any subsequent users.

Fixed for next release

Workaround: turn off hardIgnore for now.

Account switcher doesn’t work in Chrome Incognito

Fixed for next release

Subreddit shortcut dropdown edit button only works for first shortcut hovered-over

More discussion

Fixed for next release

HTTPS changes

Reddit supports https site-wide as of September 8, 2014. You can enable it in your reddit preferences under the security tab. However, certain RES features don’t yet work on https.

Account Switcher

Broken in RES v4.5.0.2 and earlier. Fixed for next release.

Mixed content warnings

Not a bug, but we’re working on it anyway.

Upvote/downvote buttons aren’t visible in night mode

Broken in RES v4.5.0.2 and earlier when you have HTTPS enabled. Fixed for next release

More discussion

Self-posts open twice when using “L” keyboard shortcut or clicking [l=c] button

Broken in RES v4.5.0.2 and earlier. Fixed for next release

More discussion, more discussion

v4.5.0.2 Known Issues

July 7, 2014


Temporarily Sort Comments doesn’t do anything

reddit changed its “sort comments” dropdown just before RES v4.5.0.2 release, breaking RES’s Temporarily Sort Comments.

Fixed for next release.

RES sort by popular when dealing with comments just brings me straight down the comment list without sorting by votes.

Fixed for next release

Night mode turned itself off

Sorry, upgrade problem. Turn it back on under the gear menu. Shouldn’t happen again.

Keyboard Navigation changes focus to new tab

Bug. Fixed for next release.

Image expando issues
Images show on top of other text/images

Bug. Fixed for next release.

Wrong aspect ratio in image galleries

Known issue. Possibly fixed for next release.

Known issue. This is not yet fixed.

Workaround: turn off Settings > UI > Inline Image Viewer (showImages) conserveMemory.

Image expandos closing a few seconds after I opened them

Uninstall Adblock Pro and switch to a different adblocker. More info

(This isn’t actually a v4.5.0.2 issue, it just manifested around the same time.)

Gfycat expandos don’t open

Known issue. Fixed for next release.


Some subreddits hide the “Use subreddit style” checkbox

Some subreddit moderators don’t want to let redditors disable their subreddit style, for various reasons. RES usually adds extra protection to the “use subreddit style” checkbox, but we’ve decided to pursue other methods which are less troublesome, like adding a toolbar button to the browser. Unfortunately, this means that it is easier for subreddit moderators to hide the “☑Use subreddit style” checkbox.

As a workaround, try:

  1. Open the RES command line by pressing . (period – if Keyboard Navigation is enabled) or go through RES settings console > About RES > RES Command Line (commandLine) launch and press the “launch” button
  2. Type in srstyle off
  3. Hit enter.
Turning off “subreddit style browser toolbar button” also hides “☑ Use subreddit style”

(Chrome only)

Sorry! In the rush to add the styleTweaks - subredditStyleBrowserToolbarButton option, this didn’t get fully tested.

This will be fixed in the next RES release.

Command line just refreshes the page (Firefox)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the frontpage and press . (period) or go to RES settings console > About RES > RES Command Line (commandLine) > launch” and click the “launch” button
  2. Type in r/enhancement (or any other command)
  3. Press enter

Expected result:

  1. Navigate to /r/Enhancement post listings

Actual result:

  1. Page simply reloads

This is a bug in RES v4.5.0.2 in Firefox. It is fixed for the next release.