March 8, 2017    Pre-release

New Features

  • New Orangered hideEmptyMail option and related options (thanks @kevinliu6102)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Comment Navigator dropdown sometimes being hidden (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix expandos being broken for some beta users (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix New Comment Count thread subscription button having the wrong state on refresh (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix character count and live preview not updating when debug info is inserted (thanks @lhofmann)
  • Fix various expandos in Edge (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Fix YouTube videoTimes in Edge (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Fix Never Ending Reddit not returning to first page when using the Account Switcher (thanks @larsjohnsen)

Housekeeping / Other

  • Updated the localization files
  • Support new Twitch clips URLs without usernames (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Avoid triggering a NoScript clickjacking false positive (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Remove dead media hosts (superstack.io, min.us, fitbamob/offsided.com) (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Remove vote count estimation due to categorical inaccuracy
  • Streamline some workarounds for Edge and Firefox bugs (thanks @erikdesjardins)