November 15, 2016    Pre-release

New Features

  • Lay groundwork for localizing module and option descriptions (big thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Partial translation for en_GB (British English) (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Partial translation for en_CA (Canadian English) (thanks @jutrasb)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix view source button only working once on a page (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix Graphiq expandos’ new URLs not working (thanks @thybag)
  • Fix HTML5 “gifs” overlapping content when switching to the fallback image (thanks @larsjohnsen)

Housekeeping / Other

  • Eliminate some causes of forced synchronous layouts (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Minor improvements to Filterline parsing (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Improve Filterline CLI (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Minor fixes, improvements to media hosts and filters (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Minor .gitignore improvements (thanks @BenMcGarry, @mc10)
  • Add some basic integration tests (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Update some dependencies (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Update wording in Troubleshooter module to refer to the native backup module (thanks @BenMcGarry)