August 8, 2016    Pre-release

Bug Fixes

  • Fix negative karma numbers being displayed as positive (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix NaN karma, etc. in user hover info for suspended accounts (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix Tumblr host ignoring URLs ending with a #hash (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix subredditStyleBrowserToolbarButton option being hidden in Edge (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix scrollStyle: middle occasionally scrolling opposite of the desired direction (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix a minor style issue with top border of user tags getting cut off (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix media resizing getting too sensitive when an image was automatically moved left (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix scrollOnExpando not respecting header height when pinHeader was enabled (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix subreddit manager icons causing a scrollbar when zoomed in (thanks @larsjohnsen)
  • Fix duplicate user tag icon next to commenting as username (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix placeholder not escaping >quotes at the beginning of lines (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Fix a bug where the floatingSidebar would show/hide every scroll (like the userbar in 4.7.5) (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Tentatively fix a race causing nightmode/disabled subreddit styles to not be respected (thanks @erikdesjardins)

Housekeeping / Other

  • Clean up some media host detection logic (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Backup filenames now end with the RES version number (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Clean up ESLint config (thanks @erikdesjardins)
  • Simplify Chrome->Edge shim (thanks @BenMcGarry)
  • Minor tidying of some options (thanks @erikdesjardins)